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Mod Update [10 Mar 2005|09:17pm]

I DID delete this community for a short time, because being the maintainer, I felt as though the community was essentially dead. So, if you really want to keep this going, post something.
called that a getaway

mod//post [09 Mar 2005|06:03pm]

Sorry about the inconvenience of the community being deleted for a short period of time. My co-mod deleted it out of the blue. Don't worry, I'll make sure the community stays up. Is anyone going to go see Brand New at Bamboozle?
5 // called that a getaway

SO FUCKING EXCITED! [01 Feb 2005|12:29am]

[ mood | giddy ]

well i just have to say i am SO excited! i have just been informed that on april 29th and that weekend will be the BEST line up ive ever heard of. bn, funeral for a friend, straylight, early november, midtown, my chemical romance, further seems forever (with chris present i hear) and it just gets better and better! its like $28 per day or $70 something for all 3. WICKED FUCKING AWESOME! whos going??????

5 // called that a getaway

[05 Jan 2005|08:26pm]

Hey Everyone.

I was wondering if anyone has this hoodie. If so, does it have anything on the back?

Yes, I'm aware that merchdirect tells you if it does, but that doesn't always work on my computer. Maybe it's the site, or maybe it really is my computer (which I wouldn't doubt) but yeah.

2 // called that a getaway

[26 Nov 2004|11:22pm]
wow this community has been dead for like a month now. we should bring some life to it. so i'll take charge.

everyone: when and how did you hear of BN? what did you first think?

Me: My best friend st the time, Ryan, got me the Deja Entendu cd on my 14th birthday, October 10, 2003. they were my FAVORITE band the moment i heard them, no lie. i listened to that cd like an hour everyday. i figured it was a phase and i would get tired of it, but i didn't. but they're still my #1 favorite band. love.
7 // called that a getaway

The community died [30 Oct 2004|04:14pm]

Where did all the cookies go?

Everyone go check out I AM THE AVALANCHE

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[26 Aug 2004|04:52pm]

[ mood | lethargic ]

Holy shite, I haven't posted in here for a long time. When this community first started out it had about 7 members, Lauren and I begged them to join it to because they were our friends. You guys kick some major booty for making this community so big.

10 // called that a getaway

[21 Aug 2004|08:52pm]

[ mood | curious ]

hey there. i was just wondering if anyone would care enough to tell me what exacly happend betweeen brandnew & taking back sunday? heh yeah im like the only one who has no clue. =\ even though i am a HUGE fan of both of them i would like to know please explain.

thank. later loverrrz. shann<3/font>

10 // called that a getaway

[20 Aug 2004|07:00pm]

when is the nizzle and the taking back of sunday gonna be cool with each other again...we need a tbs bn tour...
3 // called that a getaway

[19 Aug 2004|02:09pm]

The website is back up again! Ahaha! I don't know what changed, but it did. As for the promotion thing, if I can get a couple more people posting in here, it would be nice and worth it. I'm not going to ban anyone, but I'm thinking it needs to be hurried up in here, or not at all.


Go now!
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