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I DID delete this community for a short time, because being the maintainer, I felt as though the community was essentially dead. So, if you really want to keep this going, post something.


Sorry about the inconvenience of the community being deleted for a short period of time. My co-mod deleted it out of the blue. Don't worry, I'll make sure the community stays up. Is anyone going to go see Brand New at Bamboozle?


well i just have to say i am SO excited! i have just been informed that on april 29th and that weekend will be the BEST line up ive ever heard of. bn, funeral for a friend, straylight, early november, midtown, my chemical romance, further seems forever (with chris present i hear) and it just gets better and better! its like $28 per day or $70 something for all 3. WICKED FUCKING AWESOME! whos going??????
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wow this community has been dead for like a month now. we should bring some life to it. so i'll take charge.

everyone: when and how did you hear of BN? what did you first think?

Me: My best friend st the time, Ryan, got me the Deja Entendu cd on my 14th birthday, October 10, 2003. they were my FAVORITE band the moment i heard them, no lie. i listened to that cd like an hour everyday. i figured it was a phase and i would get tired of it, but i didn't. but they're still my #1 favorite band. love.

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Holy shite, I haven't posted in here for a long time. When this community first started out it had about 7 members, Lauren and I begged them to join it to because they were our friends. You guys kick some major booty for making this community so big.
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hey there. i was just wondering if anyone would care enough to tell me what exacly happend betweeen brandnew & taking back sunday? heh yeah im like the only one who has no clue. =\ even though i am a HUGE fan of both of them i would like to know please explain.

thank. later loverrrz. shann<3/font>
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